Casey Crosby in Concert in Volkshaus Zurich (October 6th 2018)

For Casey’s concert in October his first choice was Volkshaus Zürich (People’s House), having a great tradition of concerts and performances. Volkshaus is not only well known in Zurich and Switzerland but around the world. This famous concert house has hosted many famous artists from all over the world. The Quarter “Aussersihl” in Zurich – where Volkshaus would later be built – was the quarter of the working class and center of the Swiss Labor Movement till the end of the 19th century. The workmen and women had no alternative but to meet in small spaces to discuss the current politics and domestic issues of the day – often resulting in demonstrations and strikes. The need for a gathering place or a People’s House was significant.

In the autumn of 1893, men and women from different social classes met at the home of the famous psychiatrist Auguste Forel to discuss the idea of a Volkshaus. The goal was to run a restaurant with fairly priced and nutritious meals to improve the nutrition of the workers and a spa to support the health of the workers. Besides that, the Volkshaus should be a place where people could meet and cultural events could take place.

Finally, in 1903 in the area of Helvetiaplatz in Zurich, the permit to build Volkshaus was given. Because there was not enough money to build and run Volkhaus as a cooperative, they decided to found a trust. In the Deed of Foundation is written that no alcohol may be consumed in the rooms of Volkshaus, the house should be open to all people, no matter what religious or political background they would have and the fees to rent the spaces should be kept as low as possible.

July 15th 1906, the voters of Zurich agreed to a loan of 250’000 Swiss francs to build the Volkshaus. The job was finally completed in October of 1910. The spa was located in the basement, the restaurant and shop were on the first floor, the reading room and some big halls, offices and club rooms on the other floors. Many people were disappointed though that there was no big concert hall. However after World War I in 1924, a plan to build a 1200 seat concert hall was presented. Again the voters of Zurich voted for a loan of 600’000 Swiss francs in addition to the 1,68 million Swiss francs for the whole extension of Volkshaus. In October 1928, the concert hall was inaugurated.

In 1979, prohibition was abrogated with the help of lawyer Hans Riemer. Today Volkshaus is still a venue for different performances, concerts, meetings and gatherings. Many famous singers, musicians and groups have played in Volkshaus: AC/DC and Black Sabbath, Black Eyed Peas, The Kelly Family, Avril Lavigne, Mando Diao, Apocalyptica, Amy Winhouse, Katy Perry, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Söhne Mannheims and Skunk Anansie, Cyndi Lauper, James Tayler and the legendary Irish group Clannad have performed in Volkshaus among many others. And October 6th 2018 Casey Crosby was added to this list.

The two videos feature Casey playing “Honey In The Rock” and “Listen To The Sweet Song Of The River” in Volkhaus Zurich October 6th 2018. “Honey In The Rock” is a a new original song of Casey that he performed for the first time in Volkshaus live on stage, while “Listen To The Sweet Song Of The River” will be on his new album “November” that will be released November 10th 2018. For more information about the album click here.

November 10th 2018 the album release concert will take place in Castle Rapperswil (Switzerland) where you will be able to purchase a CD and exclusively get it signed by Casey! More information and tickets for the concert are available here.

Sources: Volkshaus Zürich

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