"Music For November"

November 1st 2018 the daily newspaper “Zürcher Unterländer” published online and in print an article about Casey. The article was published in German. Below you will find an approximate translation of the article in English.

Music for November

Susanne Franklin

The pianist Casey Crosby was born in California and grew up in Northern Virginia and Upstate New York. His origins influenced him musically. After having lived in different European Countries, he came to Switzerland and worked, among others, for the University of Performing Arts in Zurich. The artist who currently resides in Niederglatt decided last November to return to his previous career as concert pianist.

The American pianist and composer has lived ten years in the Zürcher Unterland (region in Switzerland). The interview with the lively 48-year-old took place in English in his spacious flat in Niederglatt, but very Swiss with coffee and croissants. He describes his new home Switzerland as “the most beautiful spot on earth”.

Love in Zürcher Unterland

Already as a young university student, Casey Crosby was travelling and playing as a solo pianist. After a personal tragedy, he moved to Europe, still working as a pianist but hardly playing any solo concerts anymore. He lived in Poland, Germany, Italy and Ireland where he worked as a tour and session pianist and keyboardist for various record labels and different bands and artists. In 2006 he met his future wife Sonja and in 2008 they moved together to Steinmaur, Switzerland, where they married shortly after.

He remembers very well the first months in Switzerland: Although he had enough job offers as pianist, he was not allowed to work because he did not have a work permit for Switzerland. Nonetheless he continued working as a pianist – abroad.

Finally he got his work permits and his career in Switzerland could start: Churches, choirs, dance institutions, the Opera House and the University of Performing Arts in Zurich called him. And he came and played the piano, the organ, the keyboard – often up to nine hours a day and often travelling the same amount of time. Often his hands hurt after long working days as a pianist. Crosby is not of a delicate appearance, he rather looks like a rock star. The he made a radical change.

Giving up security

After more than two decades of financial and job related success in the arts as pianist, director and composer, Crosby left his position at the University of Performing Arts and resigned as a tour and session pianist with Sony Records to go back and dedicate himself to his solo career as a concert pianist.

In the family of seven in which he grew up, nobody was or became a musician besides him. His father was a fundamental Baptist minister and a truck driver. But in his father’s church, gospel music was always present. Gospel music still plays a role in Crosby’s life: He conducts two Gospel choirs and a women’s ensemble in Zurich and St. Gallen. In his music his influences of Irish music, the gospel music in his father’s church and classical music from his studies are very evident.

A friend of animal welfare

Fitting to the season, Crosby’s new album is titled “November”. It will be available by November 10th. The songs carry warm melodies and associative harmonies. The album can be understood as a walk through his childhood and the melodies evoke landscape impressions in the listener. Part of the proceeds of the sale of the new album will go to “The Ruby Fund” because Crosby is a big animal lover and he donates to different animal charity organizations. He also shares his flat with his two cats Gismo and Shadow.

Whoever wants to hear Crosby live in concert can go to the concert in the Castle Rapperswil November 10th. It is important to the pianist and his manager Martina Filippo that the concert halls he plays contribute to the atmosphere.

Casey Crosby