A Special Concert - Album Release Concert in Castle Rapperswil

November 10th 2018, Casey is playing in the majestic knight’s hall of Castle Rapperswil at the shores of Lake Zurich in Switzerland. Because the concert in Castle Rapperswil will be Casey’s album release concert, Casey wanted to have a special concert venue to play in. Therefore he chose the splendid knight’s hall in the historic castle high above Lake Zurich.

 The castle was built by the reeve Rudolf von Rapperswil between 1220 and 1230. Until then, the reeve lived on the other side of Lake Zurich. In the new castle it was much easier for him to overlook and control the traffic on Lake Zurich and the passes of Grisons as well as the pilgrimage to the famous monastery in Einsiedeln, since the castle was located on a high rock.

The legend says that when the reeve went hunting together with his wife and a vassal, his dogs tracked a hind. They chased the hind to a cave on top of the rock where the castle is located now. The reeve’s wife saw that the hind had two calves so she begged her husband to spare them. At noon they would relax in the shade of a tree when the hind came walking and placed her head in the wife’s lap to thank her for saving its life. The reeve decided to capture the animals and keep them in a park next to his old castle. To the reeve it was a sign to build a new castle on the rock. Soon a city started to emerge around the castle – the city of Rapperswil. Today a park with deer on the north slope of the rock as a reminder of this story.

 The castle forms a triangle with a tower in each corner. In the highest tower of the castle located in the southwest corner was stationed a guard who would warn the inhabitants of the castle and the town of danger and fires. Indeed, the castle was troubled by many wars and attacks during the Middle Ages. Austrian, German and Federal reeves would use the castle as domicile. Later the castle was used as prison and as tenement house until the Polish National Museum was installed inside the castle.

Today the castle is property of the community Rapperswil-Jona and still houses the Polish Museum. Apart from the museum, the castle is not open to the public unless an event is taking place. Visitors of the castle and Lindenhügel can enjoy a beautiful view over the town of Rapperswil and Lake Zurich.

The majestic knight’s hall, in which Casey will be playing on November 10th 2018, is supported by beautifully painted beams and on the stage inside the hall stands a Bösendorfer Concert Grand on which Casey will play his music.

The concert in Castle Rapperswil is the official release concert of Casey’s new album “November”. The album features a collection of childhood/young adult memories of Casey growing up in the Blue Ridge Mountain Region of Northern Virginia and in a small farming community in Upstate New York. Behind every song is a story and behind every story an emotion which reflects in the music.

Read more about the “November” and the stories behind the songs in the next blog. But before you leave, make sure to get your tickets for the concert November 10th!

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