Making of "November"

This month, Casey will be recording his new album “November” in the Powerplay Studios in Maur (Switzerland). The Powerplay Studios were founded in 1983 by Jürg Peterhans: His idea was that artists and musician could record downstairs in the studios while there would be facilities to relax, eat and sleep upstairs. The concept appealed to clients: Artists from all over the world such as the Bee Gees and Keith Jarret would travel to Maur to record their music. The stars would not only appreciate the amenities of the studio but also the discretion and reservation of the Swiss people – client discretion is very important to the staff of the Powerplay Studios.

In 1986 the Swedish rock band Europe came to the lake Greifensee on which shores the studio is located and recorded their famous song “The Final Countdown”. But also Swiss bands, such as Züri West record their albums in the Powerplay Studios.

The digital revolution changed the whole music market and so the Powerplay Studios had to adapt. They modernized their studios so that now it is possible to record music digitally as well as analogously.

Stars from all over the world would appreciate the choice in recording possibilities: e.g.  Prince, who after his concert in August 2011 in the famous Hallenstadio in Zurich rented the Powerplay Studios at the last minute to record there.

Having had big names recording at Powerplay Studios such as the Backstreet Boys, Lady Gaga, Gotthard, Polo Hofer, Snoop Dog or the Fugees, the Powerplay Studios have maintained an international level of excellence to big acts as well as independent unsigned performers. The Powerplay Studios are proud that big stars record their music at their studio but they also like to work with national and local musicians.

The Powerplay Studios have four studios to record music: In studio A stands a beautiful Steinway B211 grand piano on which Casey will record his original music. They even have a Wurlitzer 200A available, the keyboard Casey learned on in his parent’s bedroom when he was still a little boy and just started to play the piano.

Casey’s new album “November” will be due in stores and online by November 2018: Casey will present it at the CD release concert on November 10th 2018 at the impressive Castle of Rapperswil overlooking the shores of Lake Zurich.

The album features a collection of songs mostly inspired by childhood and young adult memories of Casey growing up in the Blue Ridge Mountain region of Northern Virginia and rural upstate New York. However the album is not just a collection of Casey’s memories: Many of his songs are not only inspired by memories but transfer an emotion, a mood or a feeling that the attentive listener individually can relate to – having lived through similar situations.

Parts of the profit of "November" will be donated to animal charity. Find out about The Ruby Fund.

However before the album is released, Casey plays another concert in a very special location: the legendary Volkshaus Zurich. The history-charged venue hosted stars and bands from all over the world: AC/DC, The Black Eyed Peas, Amy Winehouse, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and many others. Casey will be playing in the beautiful White Hall on October 6th 2018 at 19 30.

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