Piano Concert with Casey Crosby in the Capital of Switzerland

March 15th 2019 Casey is playing in the capital of Switzerland, the city of Berne. Berne is only the de facto capital of Switzerland because Switzerland does not really have a capital. When the Swiss Federation was founded in 1848 there was a discussion if Switzerland should have a capital and if yes, where. November 28th 1848 the parliament decided that Berne should be the seat of the Swiss government. Since then Berne is the so called “Bundesstadt” - different from “Hauptstadt”, which would be the accurate German expression for capital. But Berne is like the capital of Switzerland, just not in the juridical way.


Casey is playing in “Le CAP”, the parish hall of the French Cathedral of Berne. The French Cathedral was built long before Berne became Switzerland’s capital, in the 13th century. It used to be the church of a Dominican monastery. After the reformation, the cathedral’s architecture was alternate a couple of times and it was used for reformed services in French. The cathedral is the oldest sacred building in the city of Berne and is of huge interest for fans of architecture as well as art. Gothic architecture merges with protestant simplicity. The organ inside the church is said to be the best in the whole city.


The “Le CAP” (Predigergasse 3) is the parish hall of the French Cathedral and hosts the beautiful Nicolas Manuel Hall where Casey will be playing March 15th. The hall is named after the poet, painter, graphic artist, reformer and statesmen Niklaus Manuel. There are not many details known about the life of Niklaus Manuel. It is only known that 1509 he married the daughter of a noblemen and became a member of the government of Berne in 1511. He was very active as a painter and writer and he did more for the reformation in Berne than most preachers.

Because of the nice Steinway B grand piano in the Nicolas Manuel Hall, the hall is often used for concerts, especially piano concerts. Casey is happy to present the songs from his latest album “November” as well as some new original music and arrangements on the beautiful instrument on March 15th. You can get your tickets here or directly at the door.

Casey Crosby