Casey about going back as guest artist to Onondaga Community College

October 18th, Casey will be playing at the Arts Across Campus concert series at Onondaga Community College (OCC), a year-round series of high-quality arts and cultural programming, designed to enhance student learning through the arts. OCC is a public community college that serves Onondaga County and is part of the State of New York University system (SUNY). The college was founded in 1961 but opened its Residence Halls only in August 2006. OCC’s music program is one of its most well-known and offers various opportunities. The faculty is made up of accomplished musicians, such as members of Symphoria (previously the Syracuse Symphony Orchestra) and of the Society of New Music. The school holds different music festivals, among others the JazzFest where world class acts like Victor Wooten, Tommy Igoe or no other than Aretha Franklin herself performed! Singer, model and actress Grace Jones is a famous alumna of OCC.

Through gallery exhibits, concerts, lectures, and performances, Arts Across Campus seeks to enhance student knowledge of diverse creativity in an impactful way, cultivating enduring engagement in the Arts.


Read Casey’s words about going back to OCC as alumnus and now guest artist of the prestigious Arts Across Campus concert series:

“I’m thrilled to death to be going back to the area of my hometown for a series of concerts! The top of the list, of course, is the Arts Across Campus series at Onondaga Community College, my alma mater, on October 18th. I graduated from this university way back in the 90s. It was my impression back then that they were happy to be rid of me, but now have been invited back as a featured artist and graduate of distinction. My college career has been full of starts and stops-due to me running off when legit, long term musical opportunities presented themselves (session work in California, tours with Natalie Cole, Roosevelt Dean, New York musical theatre work etc.) but I managed to graduate from OCC. The person introducing me to the stage will be none other than my piano teacher at the time, Dr. Kevin Moore, who is now Vice President and former interim president of the entire institution. It is a great honor on many levels. The very cool bit for me is that I always told my colleagues and fellow students I’d not only return as a concert performer but it’d be for the music I was writing. I was considered in the top 2 or 3 piano students at the time, and I was often ridiculed for my taste in non-classical music – specifically my love of George Winston’s compositions. I’d recorded an album, during my studies, of piano music from this genre, New Age/Rural Folk piano, and it caused quite a stir at the time among the “snootier elite” in the student body and faculty. I held to my guns though. And now, after being recognized worldwide for my efforts I’m invited back as a concert pianist and composer of the New Age/Rural Folk genre. I’ll be opening the concert with George Winston’s “The Cradle”. It is a great thing to be invited to perform at your university and have in attendance the teachers and professors who you once studied from. I am grateful and humbled for this opportunity and I look forward to it with extreme excitement.”


Casey’s concert at OCC takes place Friday October 18th at 11 15 am in the new Recital Hall of OCC. The same day at 19 30 Casey will be playing at Pebble Hill Presbyterian Church in DeWitt (NY). Check out the concert schedule to find all the venues he is playing during his stay in Upstate New York.

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