Casey Crosby in Concert in the Zunftsaal Rüden in Schaffhausen


Crosby always carefully chooses the venues where he plays his solo piano concerts. “I like to play in places that have traditions and a history of concerts”, Crosby says. So when he decided to play in the beautiful old town of Schaffhausen, his choice immediately fell on the guild house “Rüden”. The historic ballroom was ever since used for concerts because of its great acoustic. The venue hosts the famous international “Bachfest”, the “Jazzfestival Schaffhausen” and the classical concert series “Klassik im Rüden”.

The guild of grocer, unifying many different crafts such as goldsmiths, glaziers and rope makers, bought the house in 1423. Different renovations of the house in the 19th centuries brought the guild in financial troubles and after the end of the “Ancien Régime” the existence of guilds in Schaffhausen in general were in doubt. The house finally was sold and since 2002 it is part of the Sorell Hotel Group, hosting a nice three stars hotel famous for its delicious breakfast buffet.


The generous stairway and the ballroom in pure Louis XVI Style are the highlights of the present guild house “Rüden”. The Italian brothers Carl Antonio and Giacinto Cattò from Milan and Carlo Ghezzi from Lugano are said to be the creators of the beautiful plaster relief that was built in the ballroom from 1783 to 1784.

In October 2015 a fire damaged the beautiful ballroom. The fire caused a damage over half a million Swiss francs and it took about 5 months to fully restore the ballroom.

Having a great tradition of concerts, the gorgeous ballroom was an easy choice for Crosby to play a solo piano concert in the rooms of this ancient building. If you would like to hear Crosby playing his original music on the well cared grand piano in this splendid concert hall, visit Schaffhausen the 9th June 2018 and get your ticket here for the concert at 19 30.

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