Casey Crosby in Concert in the Swiss Reformed Church Bonstetten


Crosby often finds inspiration for his compositions in his childhood memories. Growing up in the Baptist Community and as son of a Baptist minister, he spent a lot of time in and around churches, contributing to his father’s services by playing the piano. For instance the song “Hymn” takes inspiration of the Wednesday night services in his father’s church where the believers would gather and pray for people in the community. “Hymn” reflects Crosby’s fond memories of these services.

Coming from this Christian and church background, Crosby likes to choose churches as venues for concerts. Deliberately he chooses small churches of the Swiss reformed church, that reflect his present religious orientation the most and remind him of his father’s or uncle’s church.


Especially the beautiful church in Bonstetten, Switzerland, appealed to Crosby not only but mainly because the wooden benches reminded him of his father’s church and the memories attached to it. Another reason why Crosby choose the church in Bonstetten as a venue for his concerts are the beautifully colored glass windows of the church, adding to the general atmosphere of meditation and calmness of the church.

The church in Bonstetten was built in the 16th century but colored windows were only  installed during the renovation of the church in 2003. The artist Veronica Indergand from Schaffhausen designed the beautiful windows: With colors and shapes she created the windows according to the theme of “Cross – Salvation – Resurrection and Joy”.

In the entrance of the church, careful observers will notice the wooden ceiling with painted on pictures that show the story of King David of the Old Testament. The artist Joe Mathis created these pictures as well as the sundial at the southern front of the church.

The books mention the first harmonium in the 19th century in the church of Bonstetten. Before that, a so called “Vorsinger”, usually the teacher or the sexton would practice the songs that were sung in the church with the religious community. Only in 1954 the church of Bonstetten got an organ: It is a small organ, only containing 19 registers and 1464 metal and wooden pipes.

Crosby will be playing his solo piano compositions Friday, 25th May 2018 at 20 00. Get your ticket online for CHF 20.- or directly at the door for CHF 25.-

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